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How to fail on a find with grep using make?

From: Gary Turner
Subject: How to fail on a find with grep using make?
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2009 21:41:00 +1300

Apologies (and please let me know) if this is an inappropriate question for this list. I'm using grep to compile files created by a gui editor. Occasionally a 'bad thing' gets into the files, and I'd like the compile to fail if that 'bad thing' is found in the file. By default grep 'fails' on not found, which would normally stop make.
What I want is something like  error if not grep 'bad thing' $<
I'm using cmd.exe.
I had a look at shell, then if, but it didn't seem to work. Is it possible it wasn't waiting for the command to finish before doing the if statement? I wasn't sure if it was possible to use the $< variable with shell either.

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