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[GMG-Devel] 0.0.5 meeting notes

From: Christopher Allan Webber
Subject: [GMG-Devel] 0.0.5 meeting notes
Date: Sat, 06 Aug 2011 18:38:05 -0500
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Notes from the meeting!  Feel free to respond if I missed anything :)

 - We're officially going with Jim Campbell's plan on documentation.
   That is to say:
   - wiki is for developer documentation (including the future API)
   - sphinx docs are for administrators setting up a site (so for
     example, docs on how to deploy and configure your instance would go
   - "User" help, as in users of the website (not administrators) will
     happen on the site itself, so we'll just write them in the Jinja
     templates.  On /help/ and scattered throughout the site's
   We can use plenty of help with the docs, please ping willkg or j1mc
   on IRC if you'd like to help

 - Plenty discussed on user experience (UX) stuff.
   - gullydwarf (Caleb Davis) is setting up a server from which we'll
     have people do tests without having to set up a server themselves.
   - Deb Nicholson will coordinate some user experience stuff
   - We have several people experienced with UX stuff in the channel
     including Karen Rustad and Jan Borchardt.  They're giving us
     useful advice, and pointing out some basic things we can do to
     improve our design!

 - Translations
   - Chris Webber trying to finish up translations infrastructure but
     could use help!
   - Chris needs to update the ticket with the state of things, will do
     so, then will ping the list
   - We could use a lot of help doing some simple stuff; that is to say
     converting templates to have {% trans %} everywhere.  A few people
     have expressed interest but we could use more volunteers.  This is
     a good task for people new to the codebase!  If interested, hop on
     IRC :)

 - Theming
   - Jef van Schendel is doing amazing work!  We love you Jef!
   - Jef is temporarily on vacation though, and we all wish him a happy
   - However we're in a bit of a state where the design is in flux, and
     these parts of the theme all are interlinked and none are solved,
     but will all inform each other:
     - The coloring theme
     - The font(s)
     - The logo
   - No need to hold up UX testing though, if anything user experience
     feedback has and will help inform good theming decisions.

 - Processing code
   - Chris Webber is planning a refactoring to the code that processes
   - Largely this is internal infrastructure but should provide:
     - A proper way to note when downloads fail
     - The ability to have a "processing" panel that shows you what
       things are still converting if necessary (eg, if you're
       transcoding a video)
     - This is one of several steps that needs to happen for the
       glorious future of multiple media type support (yes, that means
       video support)!  This should make

  - Will Kahn-Greene is switching our bugtracker over to Trac
    - You can check out at
    - Data isn't there yet actually, but it's coming
    - We won't be using the Trac wiki.  We already have a wiki!

  - Licensing
    - Currently no way to CC license (or etc) your media and etc
    - Chris Webber is thinking carefully about it; MediaGoblin might be
      a good testcase for a new developer tool for CC and etc licensing
      stuff in applications.  News forthcoming.
    - Chris should really file a bug!

  - Otherwise, things mostly the same as email sent to list!

The bottom line.

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