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Re: [GMG-Devel] December 3rd, our monthly IRC meeting!

From: Aaron Williamson
Subject: Re: [GMG-Devel] December 3rd, our monthly IRC meeting!
Date: Sat, 03 Dec 2011 10:37:43 -0500
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Hey goblins,

I'm unfortunately not going to be able to make this. Here's my quick take on the
issues that have been raised so far:

>> - Ticket #466 "Use of "Submit" in site copy is sterile and not as
>> friendly and welcoming as it could be".

I think our best option here is "post." It's not "friendly," but unlike "submit"
it doesn't have feudal/S&M connotations. "Share" is inaccurate for private
media, "upload" incompletely describes the action, "feed" is cutesy/will have to
be replaced for non-MG-branded installs, "add" is missing an indirect object
("add to what?"; this could apply to "post" but in actual usage doesn't as 

>> - The concept and naming of "favourites". We'll (hopefully) be able to
>> "favourite" media soon, which I *think* means that 1) it'll work like
>> a "I like this" comment, a quick token of appreciation, 2) it'll be
>> added to your list of favourites so you can save and promote it, and
>> 3) we could maybe use the number of favourites as a ranking. What I'd
>> like to know is: is that the intended purpose? If so, should we name
>> them favo(u)rites or something else? "Like", "love", "save",
>> "appreciate", "heart", "high five" and many more could all be
>> contenders. And the name should be consistent with the action and
>> purpose, of course. So I'd like to clear up how and why we will use
>> favourites and what we should call them.

"Favorite" is probably wrong, though I'm the one who started us down that path.
I have a soft spot for "heart" because it's internet-speak-y and could be
represented with some version of a "<3" which I think contributes nicely to our
geeky branding. "Love" is over the top, and "Aaron loved this picture" smacks
both of the past tense and the physical act of love. "Like" is a bit Facebook,
but is maybe my 2nd favorite. "Appreciate" is too impersonal.

>>> We plan to create a plugin system. Do we want to create that soon or push it
>>> off until things settle a bit more? (Willkg 08:54, 10 November 2011 (EST))

I'd prioritize federation over plugins.

>>> Feature Ideas: What should we do about the wiki page? Keep it and have it as
>>> a monthly topic for "what next"? Convert everything to long waiting bugs?

No opinion.

>>> Possibility of an SQL Database Backend? 'executive summary' (well, you
>>> should read the long docs): "We could move to sql. It's probably replacing
>>> one type of pain by another type of pain, but those are somewhat comparable.
>>> Leaving the main question: Do we want to occupy our main devs for some long
>>> time with this task and loose momentum?"

Even with a feature as simple as "favoriting," I've struggled with NOSQL. This
is doubtless partly due to my inexperience with it, but it doesn't help that
when you read the MongoDB docs on NOSQL data modeling best practices, the answer
is "there aren't really any yet." It's hard to find good examples. So for me
personally, this is impeding progress, but obviously if moving to SQL would
hamper federation or take enormous effort, that should be taken into account.

Sorry again that I can't be there. Have a great meeting!


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