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Re: [GMG-Devel] MediaGoblin monthly meeting (Sat January 07, 2012 09:00)

From: will kahn-greene
Subject: Re: [GMG-Devel] MediaGoblin monthly meeting (Sat January 07, 2012 09:00)
Date: Tue, 03 Jan 2012 11:40:54 -0500
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For the record, it's set to "Pacific Time"--not "Pacific Standard 
Time".  The former changes between daylight and non-daylight savings 
time.  The latter is fixed.

On Tue 03 Jan 2012 11:13:23 AM EST, Christopher Allan Webber wrote:
> Also the reason for 9AM PST is because PST is the "earliest" timezone
> we'll probably be supporting, and 9AM is the cutoff for when people can
> reasonably be awake on a saturday to make it to a meeting.  Last time we
> accidentally used GMT (or was it UTC) and it ended up going an hour
> earlier than expected (8AM PST!  Too early!) during a daylight savings shift.
> So that's why I asked for 9AM PST!
>  - cwebb
> will kahn-greene <address@hidden> writes:
>> The meeting is at 9:00am Pacific Time.  To convert that to your
>> timezone, see this page:
>> Also, this was the first meeting reminder email sent from our new
>> meeting reminder email system.  If there are tweaks to the text or
>> additional links you think should be there, let me know.
>> On 01/03/2012 09:49 AM, Will 'meeting reminder' Kahn-Greene wrote:
>>> MediaGoblin monthly meeting
>>> When: Sat Jan  7 09:00:00 2012 Pacific Time
>>> Where: IRC #mediagoblin on
>>> Agenda and wiki notes are at
>>> Reply to this email to add new agenda items, discuss the agenda, or discuss 
>>> meeting time.
>>> _______________________________________________
>>> devel mailing list
>>> address@hidden
>> _______________________________________________
>> devel mailing list
>> address@hidden

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