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Re: [GMG-Devel] unsaved pending instance, orphan, not attached to any pa

From: Christopher Allan Webber
Subject: Re: [GMG-Devel] unsaved pending instance, orphan, not attached to any parent MediaEntry
Date: Thu, 05 Apr 2012 14:54:50 -0500
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This is an acceptable place to ask questions, yes :)

I'm not sure what the cause of this is, but it looks like something
related to the MediaEntry.mediadata not being saved in sqlalchemy...?
Not sure why that's happening when the User is queried however.

There should be a mediagoblin.db in your directory.  Could you email
that to me *privately* at this email address?  I'll try to take a look.

It's probably a bug... the Mongo->SQL switchover just happened, so we
probably haven't caught all of these!

 - Chris

Nagarjuna G <address@hidden> writes:

> I am few hours old as a user of mediagoblin.  The server is working
> after a few hickups due to outdated version dependency of webob.  With
> help from the irc, this was fixed.  webob>=1.1 would work with the
> current code base from gitorious.
> I managed to add a few images.  Now while uploading another picture I
> get this error: You may be aware of when this kind of error occurs.
> full error is here:
> Is this OK to ask newbie/user's questions here, or this is only for
> development discussions?

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