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Re: [GMG-Devel] init scripts and upload scripts

From: Christopher Allan Webber
Subject: Re: [GMG-Devel] init scripts and upload scripts
Date: Fri, 06 Apr 2012 11:47:28 -0500
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Nagarjuna G <address@hidden> writes:

> getting to ready to use mediagoblin. I would like to host mediagoblin
> for our lab, and we have several media files.  We would like to create
> a media library.  I am looking for two solutions,
> 1.  Since we have a large collection of folders, does mediagoblin
> support uploading images and videos through a client script?

Not yet.  But we'd like such a tool.  One way to do that would be via an
API... another way would be to use a script that "ties into" mediagoblin
as an actual python import script.

> 2. an init script to start and stop the server.  If any of you have a
> working template, that will be great. and

have some things.

> I am getting greedy now.  some tips on changing logo, header, footer
> etc. so that upgrading to a next version should not wipeout the
> customizations.

We don't have theming yet, but it's a feature we'd like to have.

In the meanwhile there's a really terrible hack where you can "override"
templates in mediagoblin[_local].ini.  See the line:

## Uncomment this to put some user-overriding templates here
#local_templates = %(here)s/user_dev/templates/

You can then use that directory to copy things from the
mediagoblin/templates/ directory, and "override" the templates by using
the ones in the ./user_dev/templates/ directory instead.  So,
./user_dev/templates/mediagoblin/base.html would override the normal
mediagoblin file.  That's a terrible hack, but you could use it in the
meanwhile... and it'll be hard to maintain.  In the long term, we need
real theming.

 - Chris

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