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[GMG-Devel] Introduce myself and join the community

From: Laura Arjona
Subject: [GMG-Devel] Introduce myself and join the community
Date: Sat, 7 Jul 2012 12:58:14 +0200

My name is Laura Arjona, and I am writing you from Spain. I just
became a Mediagoblin user, I am uploading my media stuff to

First I want to thank all the community, for this, in my opinion, very
important project, since I don't like very much this "concentration"
of information in certain, single places (youtube, flickr,
slideshare...) and even worse, most of them being non free software

I have watched some video presentations of Mediagoblin in Youtube and
read most of the wiki, and I like the project and its philosophy very

I try to contribute to some free software communities spreading the
word and translating stuff into Spanish. I saw that Mediagoblin is
already translated to Spanish (thanks nvjacobo!) so I thought that
what I can offer is this:

* If the current Spanish translator(s) want to leave this task and do
other kind of things, I can take the responsability of the Spanish
translation. My Transifex profile:

* I can do user tests or help with bugs (reproduce them, for example),
but only if I can use for that, or other test
instance (for now I cannot build my own instance of MediaGoblin).
Indeed, I am experiencing some strange things when uploading content
to but I am not sure where to get help about them or
report a bug (maybe is a problem of that instance, not mediagoblin).
Are there any user forums or mailing lists? Or documentation for
users, not developers.

* I cannot translate (alone) all the documentation wiki and stuff to
Spanish, but if you consider that certain documents or pages would be
interesting to have them in Spanish, please let me know and I will try
to translate them.

Laura Arjona
@larjona at // @larjona99 at twitter (like, but worse)

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