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Re: [GMG-Devel] Introduce myself and join the community

From: Christopher Allan Webber
Subject: Re: [GMG-Devel] Introduce myself and join the community
Date: Sat, 07 Jul 2012 09:20:42 -0500
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Hey Laura, welcome to MediaGoblin!

Great to see you using MediaGoblin, and!

Laura Arjona <address@hidden> writes:

> Hello
> My name is Laura Arjona, and I am writing you from Spain. I just
> became a Mediagoblin user, I am uploading my media stuff to

Great!  I saw you made a video on f-droid:

I've put it on my queue of things to watch in downtime. :)

> First I want to thank all the community, for this, in my opinion, very
> important project, since I don't like very much this "concentration"
> of information in certain, single places (youtube, flickr,
> slideshare...) and even worse, most of them being non free software
> infrastructures.
> I have watched some video presentations of Mediagoblin in Youtube and
> read most of the wiki, and I like the project and its philosophy very
> much.

Great! :)

> I try to contribute to some free software communities spreading the
> word and translating stuff into Spanish. I saw that Mediagoblin is
> already translated to Spanish (thanks nvjacobo!) so I thought that
> what I can offer is this:
> * If the current Spanish translator(s) want to leave this task and do
> other kind of things, I can take the responsability of the Spanish
> translation. My Transifex profile:

Thanks, and good to know. :)

> * I can do user tests or help with bugs (reproduce them, for example),
> but only if I can use for that, or other test
> instance (for now I cannot build my own instance of MediaGoblin).
> Indeed, I am experiencing some strange things when uploading content
> to but I am not sure where to get help about them or
> report a bug (maybe is a problem of that instance, not mediagoblin).
> Are there any user forums or mailing lists? Or documentation for
> users, not developers.

Do you ever hang out on IRC?  If you join #mediagoblin on, that's usually where mediagoblin contributors discuss
thing.  Feel free to introduce yourself... I am paroneayea there.

But yes, filing bugs and testing things is good!

> * I cannot translate (alone) all the documentation wiki and stuff to
> Spanish, but if you consider that certain documents or pages would be
> interesting to have them in Spanish, please let me know and I will try
> to translate them.

Okay, cool... at the moment I don't think we have a policy on how to
translate anything other than the software itself, but I will keep this
in the mind for the future.

Thank you!

> Regards
> Laura Arjona
> @larjona at // @larjona99 at twitter (like, but worse)
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