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Re: [GMG-Devel] Reimagining "favorites" as "collections"

From: Sebastian Spaeth
Subject: Re: [GMG-Devel] Reimagining "favorites" as "collections"
Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2012 13:38:17 +0100
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TLDR; main new idea: allow to attach tags to collections

On 11/16/2012 09:21 AM, Jef van Schendel wrote:
> Currently, tags are global (as opposed to per-user) and "quick and
> dirty" (partially because of how they are used, but also because their
> names cannot contain spaces).

Heya, just a tiny clarification. Tags can contain spaces just fine
(multiple spaces are stripped out though), they can just not contain a
separator (comma). Also, I don't see why Tags always need to be global.
There is a bug on that, we should be able to filter tags of a single
user. (that we cannot currently is a bug IMHO :-)).

> Collections, on the other hand, belong to a single user (though they can
> contain media by other users) and are a little bit more "official". I
> think the latter is very interesting: collections could allow for
> improved presentation. For instance: having longer names than tags,
> containing descriptions, allow users to order images to their liking,
> etc (I believe all of these things have either been mentioned or
> implemented already, I'm just listing them).

I like the fact that favorites are a user's collection. We should have
it by default, and there is no reason why we can not treat it separately
in the UI (I like flickr's way of being able to "star" any image).

> Ticket #522 calls for a "filesystem-like hierarchy":

I am split on this, in web galleries I always use hierarchical galleries
myself as a means to organize things:

Open Source -> Fosdem -> 2010
                      -> 2011
            -> Screenshots

or whatnot. But much can be achieved without the hierarchical
collections: The original use case was a person wanting to offer
hierarchical galleries for himself and his family members. This we can
easily take care of by having separate users.

Also, often it would be easier to tag images in a collection as e.g.
"open source, fosdem, 2010".

Or should we be able to assign tags to a collection? Each image that
would get dragged into a collection would automatically be visible under
the tags of that collection? Not sure if I want any other user to be
able to add tags to *my* images though.

So the main differences could be:
- Can be added to my pictures
 - Can add others' pictures
 - Can have tags associated, so collections can be searched by tag
 - My images that I drag into a collection inherit the collection's tags

Is that crazy?


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