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Re: [GMG-Devel] Bittorrent

From: Alexander Stephen Thomas Ross
Subject: Re: [GMG-Devel] Bittorrent
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2013 16:28:38 +0000
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On 16/01/13 00:24, Christopher Allan Webber wrote:
My interest in bittorrent is mainly because of a few useful podcatchers
(Miro, Banshee, etc) support it, and it's a way to reduce costs for
people running audio/video podcasts, etc.  Do any applications support
tribler relatedly?

Yes. Tribler is backwards compatible. Others using say transmission can transfer to & from Tribler

Anyway, a plugin for MediaGoblin on Tribler is welcome if you want to
write it!  Maybe you could help adoption in this way.

My plan is to do a non-evil decent digital video distribution biz (bye bye tv, amazon, hulu, netflix, youtube rent, bappletunes, etc). I expect I will use mediagoblin. So it looks like this newbie is going to be leaning python on the job. I doubt very much that my skills (my current level is html,css,bash) would be good enough to write a Tribler plugin any time in the upcoming years. Then there is other things. Anyway there is the wait for Tribler to be more suitable for a server. I would raver get on with what I can with the biz to make money and provide bounty for anyone who wants to make a Tribler plug-in.

In the meanwhile, bittorrent support is not a high priority, but it is
somewhere on my stack of things I'd like to see because of the above!

Alexander Stephen Thomas Ross writes:
Please don't put your efforts into legacy bittorrent, put your effort
into supporting Tribler! Tribler is 100% decentralized, backwards
compatible, FLOSS and bit of a resource hog :). Currently lacking
software for servers because it needs the GUI but its on there todo list.

Sorry if I sounded hash. I'm just fed-up with projects keenly putting there precious effort into old bittorrent not future bittorrent.

Oh and BTW in a future version of Tribler it will be anonymous and have faster transfer at the same time! There was a talk about it.

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