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[GMG-Devel] Clarifying site's organisation

From: Tumulte Dogma
Subject: [GMG-Devel] Clarifying site's organisation
Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2013 23:41:52 +0100

Hi !

It all started on IRC with me complaining that the doc wasn't clear at
all. One of the thing that posed me problems was the distinction between
the docs. and the wiki.

As of now I'm still unsure where to find which data...

Later, I wanted to add some stuff to the wiki but didn't really know
where to put it since the main page was mostly contribution
informations. I really didn't know where to put my tutorial...

So here's my suggestion to clarify things a bit (add "in my humble
opinion" to all statements):

- The difference between what you find in docs and the wiki is really
blurry. The only thing that is definite and clear is : docs. is the
official documentation, and wiki the community one. 

- The wiki is not the place to dispatch users, the main page is.

- Any information on where to contribute, fill a bug, find info, help...
should be on the main page.

- The "Technical project documentation" should be in the official doc,
so is what's in "Inner workings of the secret sanctum" (name's funny but
doesn't explain much).

If you kept count, you've noticed that the wiki should be almost empty
by now... Which is great ! Cause eventually you'll have a lot of "how
tos", "best practice" and such to fill it. That's what you expect when
you go to a software's wiki. 
To guide contributors and encourage them to help, the main page should
have some categories and TODO tutorial (Plugins, UI, Tips...) 

Additionally, since I want to put so much in the main page, I've made a
quick and dirty sketch of a One Page App design for

See, everything fits in :

(the preview doesn't show it all, download the file to see

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