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[GMG-Devel] About Blogging System Project

From: Aditi Mittal
Subject: [GMG-Devel] About Blogging System Project
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2013 18:53:26 +0530

Hi Spatz,

Thanks for your email. I have created development enviroment on my system.
Me and Chris had a short discussion over the requirement of the blog. Here is the fusion of 
my ideas and the discussion we had 

1)The plugin should provide facility to write and edit posts with the option of plain HTML with an embedded HTML WYSIWIG editor.
Or we could use text to HTML convertors like Markdown, BBCode where writing raw HTML is not needed.
Or we could simply integrate TinyMCE to our editor. 

2)The authors should be able to create categories and assign entries(blogposts) to them.

3)We also can define the status of post whether it is a draft, live post or a hidden post.

4)Visitors to the blopost should be able to comment on the post according to rights provided by the author 
of the post. There should also be feature to modify or delete comments to keep the blog free from spam. 
And author should have rights to announce whether his post is commentable or not.

5) Only users who are are signed would be able to comment on the blogposts.

6)There is should be facility to browse the posts by date, category or labels assigned to them.

7)We should also provide the search facility to search for a specific post.

8) There should be embed support to media in blogposts and comments.   

I would like to discuss the other features which I have missed out, and how will we 
go about implementing the above requirements. I also am eager to know whether the blogging system 
shold be developed from scratch or we could use some existing solution?


Thanks and regards
Aditi Mittal

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