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[GMG-Devel] doubts: CMS instead of mediagoblin?

From: Thomas Koch
Subject: [GMG-Devel] doubts: CMS instead of mediagoblin?
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2013 18:36:32 +0200
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I've taken only a brief look in the code and demo installation of mediagoblin 
and this made me think: The features that I'm missing from mediagoblin at the 
moment are all provided by most decent CMSs out there:

- Private collections / Sharing only with groups
- Different upload facilities (WebDAV, FTP, multi-upload forms)
- Comments

On the other hand, mediagoblin aims in the direction of becoming a content 
management system for a broad variety of media types, not only pictures. So 
I'm wondering whether the project isn't wasting a lot of effort only to end up 
as another CMS with a slight optimization towards media.

Am I wrong?

Thomas Koch,

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