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Re: [GMG-Devel] configure/Makefile for mediagoblin

From: Sam Kleinman
Subject: Re: [GMG-Devel] configure/Makefile for mediagoblin
Date: Sat, 27 Apr 2013 08:16:14 -0400
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On Monday, April 22 2013, 12:43:40, Christopher Allan Webber wrote:

> This was another mail long stuck in queue.
> I'm not sure what the status of it is... I pinged for an update:
> I would be interested in working with someone on figuring out how well
> this fits with current mediagoblin infrastructure.

I know I've been out of the loop for a while, but this sort of thing
seems up my alley and if the OP is unavailable, I'd be more than happy
to talk it out with you...


> I've been thinking recently about whether or not we might have some
> makefile scripts to make development setup shorter.  For example:
>   make devenv  # does the whole virtualenv style setup shebang,
>                # maybe tries to even help you with appropriate packages
>                # if it can detect as such on your system.
>   make updateall  # assuming you're running a common pattern of environment,
>                   # does a git pull and ./bin/gmg dbupdate and friends?
> No idea if that's a good idea and how much that overlaps with this.  If
> someone is interested in taking on the state of this, I think conversing
> on IRC would be the way to go.
>  - Chris

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