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[GMG-Devel] New ticket workflows, and relevant meeting

From: Christopher Allan Webber
Subject: [GMG-Devel] New ticket workflows, and relevant meeting
Date: Thu, 02 May 2013 10:06:16 -0500
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Somehow this never got sent out when I wrote it originally!

Christopher Allan Webber writes:

> Heya all,
> I've been talking to a number of people trying to get a sense if we
> can't improve our ticket workflows.  So, a couple of things.
> 1) We're having a meeting about it on IRC!  Thursday May 2nd at 3PM UTC
>    / 11AM EDT.  ShawnRisk, freedeb, and I will be there.  You're welcome
>    to come as well if interested.
> 2) I've been thinking of adding some new states.  Here roughly is the
>    list of states I've been thinking about:
> open states:
>  - new  <- bug first opened
>  - confirmed/accepted  <- someone has triaged this to a state where
>                           we generally know it exists or expect it to be
>                           worked on
>  - in-progress  <- someone has actually started doing specific work on it
>  - needs-review  <- Needs code review or needs someone with commit
>                     access to pull it in.
> # - needs-work   <- possibly a state it can be set back to if it's been
> #                   reviewed but determined there still needs to be work
> #                   done... maybe we could just use in-progress though.
> close states would be as they presently are:
>  - fixed
>  - invalid
>  - duplicate
>  - worksforme
> ... I think this would allow for better triaging that we have now.  But
> anyway, the meeting will be a good place to discuss all this. ;)
> Cya then, quite possibly!
>  - Chris

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