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Re: [GMG-Devel] Mediagoblin

From: cgw993
Subject: Re: [GMG-Devel] Mediagoblin
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2013 13:40:26 -0800

Thanks for letting me know.     I wonder if just increasing the number of
users would increase the amount of donations coming in?  If MediaGoblin were
very easy to install by a non tech user, even if the program had very
limited functionality, alot of people woud intall it.  They would use it,
and want more features and so donate.

I guess I havent really seen alot change in MediaGlobin for quite some time.
Is the focus for now just making the program easy to install, and for it to
provide the ability to upload video and photos?   Why not just limit it to
that for now, dont worry about pdf's or other media types.   I would love to
not use youtube and I would love to be able to upload some photos or videos.
The only location I have been able to use for MediaGlobin is Sweden, I think
it ends in .se. 

Out of all the universities we have on this planet and all the people
throughout the world, I guess I dont understand why it would take so many
years to make a simple decentralized program to upload media.  To me is
seems impossible that a successful program could not have been written by
now unless there has been some kind of artificial problem or interference of
some sort.

There have been many admirable projects over the years that seemed to fade

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Subject: Re: [GMG-Devel] Mediagoblin


We try to avoid patent-encumbered formats, we use WebM for video and audio.

The challenge at the moment, at least from what I see is time.
MediaGoblin would greatly benefit from more resources, having either one or
more funded MediaGoblin developers would greatly benefit the project, as it
is now, we have a lot of separate volounteers contributing code, thus
putting a lot of work on the lead developer to review code. If we could
increase the throughput on reviewing by assigning more people to review it
would make the lead developer able to concentrate on increasingly keeping
the project coherent and flexible while moving forward.

Some of the challenges are technical, thankfully we have bright people on
board to solve those problems. Somthing that has been mentioned is the lack
of user interface and design efforts, we have no dedicated resource for that
at the moment, neither funded nor volounteer. I have heard from people
interested in helping with that.

I think that in conclusion my impression is that we need more people, in
addition to the fantastic ones we already have, dedicated to working with
the project in all the different aspects.

This might be bias due to my self-consciousness about not being able to
contribute as much to the project as I would like to.

- joar

On 11/12/2013 07:09 PM, address@hidden wrote:
> Thank you. I saw that video, but would love to see an updated video 
> that addresses some of the current challenges the developers are 
> having. I think Mediagoblin as a great idea, but wonder what companies 
> like google, youtube are doing to prevent Mediagloblin from working as
> would see it as a threat to their business.   I Are the developers
> finding that patents other legal obstacles are their biggest 
> challenge,  or is is purely a technical challenge?
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