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[GMG-Devel] MediaGoblin enters the Knight News Challenge

From: Christopher Allan Webber
Subject: [GMG-Devel] MediaGoblin enters the Knight News Challenge
Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2014 11:51:02 -0500
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Heya all,

I'm excited to say that MediaGoblin has entered the Knight News

I think this is a pretty much perfect fit for us.  Just read their

  This is an open call for ideas. We want to discover projects that
  make the Internet better. We believe that access to information is
  key to vibrant and successful communities, and we want the Internet
  to remain an open, equitable platform for free expression, commerce
  and learning. We want an Internet that fuels innovation through the
  creation and sharing of ideas.

That is *exactly* what we've been working on in MediaGoblin!

If we could get this, it could very quickly accelerate our mission to
bring decentralized media publishing to everyone.  Excited?  There's an
easy way to help make it happen... you can leave a constructive comment
or hit "applause" on the submission, which helps:

(Of course, we still have our campaign going... that's also a great way
to support MediaGoblin's mission! :))

Thanks all!  Here's hoping!
 - Chris

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