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Re: [GMG-Devel] Move from Transifex -> GNU's Pootle instance

From: Laura Arjona Reina
Subject: Re: [GMG-Devel] Move from Transifex -> GNU's Pootle instance
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2015 14:11:19 +0100
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Hi all

El 19/01/15 a las 23:17, Christopher Allan Webber escribió:
> Hello all,
> Some of you may recall our long-running adventure to move away from
> Transifex to Pootle:
> Thanks to the hard work of Boris Bobrov (breton) and Pavel Kharitonov
> (ineiev) we are finally, finally on GNU's pootle instance and off of
> Transifex!

Thank you everybody for the work.

> You can join in translating here:
> Please help us test the new system!

Done! I have just registered an account and completed the Spanish
translation :)

Where should I report possible bugs? For example:

* I just registered an account, and it seems I can "Administrate"
languages in mediagoblin. At least, I can add languages (I added Catalan
(Valencia) just for test), and the "Update against templates" checkboxes
seem enabled too (I didn't click and save any of them, don't want to
break things). Is this intended behavior?

* If you don't register an account, you cannot translate nor send
suggestions. I'm not sure if this is the intended behavior (for me it's
not a problem, and in the last times, Transifex also forced users to
"log in", but I'm not sure if this is what we want or not).

> (Note: You can *no longer* translate using Transifex.  Please use the
> Pootle instance!)

I see that the project is archived in Transifex. I suggest that the
admin of the project (cwebber I believe) sends a message to every
translator (we will get the message in the Transifex inbox and in our
mail) to send translators to the Pootle instance (or to the wiki page),
since I am not sure all of them are subscribed to this list. Is it
possible, or is already late? Other solution would be to manually gather
a list of translators from the PO files (I can do it, if you think it's
better) and send an email to those persons.

> BTW, this page is now out of date:
> Would someone be willing to volunteer to update it to the new process?

I have updated the "translators" part. About "developers" part (pull and
push translations, and troubleshooting), I don't know which is the
procedure to follow, so I've left a warning similar to the one that was
in "Translators" part.

Laura Arjona

> Thank you again to Boris, Pavel, and the many who gave feedback and did
> research (esp Laura Arjona, but also others!).
>  - Chris
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