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Re: [GMG-Devel] [GNU MediaGoblin] #5311: Improve plugin documentation

From: Laura Arjona Reina
Subject: Re: [GMG-Devel] [GNU MediaGoblin] #5311: Improve plugin documentation
Date: Sat, 11 Apr 2015 14:34:55 +0200
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Hi everybody
I cannot send comments to the issue in trac, they get rejected:

Submission rejected as potential spam - SpamBayes determined spam
probability of 100.00%

I thought it was because I was including the URL to my branch, but tried
with gitorious dot

and got the same result.

So I'm sending this to trac by mail (not sure if it works) and to the
list (if the mail submission is disabled or rejected, I hope any of you
can update the issue for me).

Hi everybody

In the branch "plugindocs" of my mediagoblin clone at

I have committed some changes to fix this:

What's done:
*  All the plugins are listed in the docs/index.rst

* For the plugins that had no documentation, now there's a documentation
file, with the corresponding "include" line pointing to the
mediagoblin/plugin/*/README.rst (same as the plugins that were already

* For the plugins that had no documentation, now there's a README.rst
file with a label, a header and the text "Pending to document."

* For archivalook plugin, now there's a README.rst file with a label, a
header and the text "See README.txt file in your
mediagoblin/plugins/archivalook folder."

Pending work:

* Gather documentation about the plugins (from release notes, wiki or
other places) and complete the corresponding README.rst files

* Convert archivalook/README.txt into archivalook/README.rst (sorry but
I'm not familiarized with restructured text)

* Build the documentation to be sure that everything works (sorry but
the "Sphinx in virtualenv - Texinfo - Emacs" procedure looks too
difficult for me, right now... I appreciate if somebody performs this
task for me)

If I have time, I'll pick the first pending task (gather
documentation...), and I'll update this issue. But I think right now
it's merge-able, too.


Laura Arjona

El 11/04/15 a las 13:03, Trac escribió:
> #5311: Improve plugin documentation
> --------------------------------+------------------------------------
>       Reporter:  larjona        |      Owner:
>           Type:  enhancement    |     Status:  new
>       Priority:  major          |  Milestone:
>      Component:  documentation  |   Keywords:  pllugins documentation
> Parent Tickets:                 |
> --------------------------------+------------------------------------
>  All the available plugins should be listed.
>  List plugins in alphabetical order.
> --
> Ticket URL: <>
> GNU MediaGoblin <>
> GNU MediaGoblin

Laura Arjona

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