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Re: [GMG-Devel] pre-0.9.0 freeze!

From: Christopher Allan Webber
Subject: Re: [GMG-Devel] pre-0.9.0 freeze!
Date: Sat, 26 Mar 2016 11:57:55 -0700

Christopher Allan Webber writes:

> Heya all!  We're on our way to 0.9.0, and that means it's freeze time!
> (0.8.2 got rolled into 0.9.0)  Our goal is to get out 0.9.0 out by Feb
> 22nd.
> This means no new features, but we do want to fix bugs... So!
>  - If you can help translate, that would be great!
>  - If you can help test, that would also be great!
>    File bugs if you find them!
>  - If you can help us squah bugs, it would be appreciated!
>  - In particular, a big feature of this release will be "Python 3 as a
>    first class citizen" in MediaGoblin land, so help there is especially
>    welcome!
> Thanks everyone!  I'm looking forward to the next release, and hope you
> are too! :)
>  - Chris

Egads, can you believe it's been this long since the freeze?  What

Well what happened was we realized that we had moved over to Alembic by
default in GMG 0.9.0 but oh nooooo actually we had no plugin strategy
and a number of other problems.

AND SO, that took a while to fix.  Well, now it's fixed!  With some
pretty hefty changes to git master regaring migrations.

Technically everything is tip top ready to go on this release, but maybe
it needs a day or two of testing?

Anyway, we'll release shortly, unless we git hit by some other large
fast moving issue!  Let's hope not!

Onwards and upwards,
 - Chris

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