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Re: website glitch

From: hjenkins
Subject: Re: website glitch
Date: Fri, 29 Nov 2019 21:34:48 -0700
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Thank you all for the cert fix.

As someone who knows next to nothing about Mediagoblin, I'd say that perhaps more importantly, the website gives the impression of a dead project. The "News" section's last post is from Wed 05 October 2016.

It's almost 2020; it should say something about the present and future. A few hundred words would be really useful. It should certainly mention that in January 2018, ActivityPub became a W3C recommendation, and there are now a number of high-profile implementations of this standard.

I don't think that there is currently any planned date for the next Mediagoblin release, and it might be good to say that. Saying that Mediagoblin has lost many of its developers and/or its developers' energy due to this refocussing hiatus, and is trying to regain momentum by doing X, or that its developers have decided that Mediagoblin was an excellent prototype that greatly assisted in the development of ActivityPub, but likely does not have a long-term future, would be much better than saying nothing.

The update might also include a link to to show current levels of activity.

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