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Re: name 'unicode' is not defined

From: irene
Subject: Re: name 'unicode' is not defined
Date: Fri, 07 Feb 2020 01:34:15 +0000

Feb 6, 2020 18:50, "ayleph" <address@hidden> escribió:

> I can't remember for sure, but the problem might be with the external flup 
> package. In my
> experience (many many months ago), none of the versions of flup available via 
> PyPI worked properly
> with python 3. I currently use uwsgi instead of fastcgi/flup.

Cool, how can i use uwsgi? I am using nginx and postgres is for a localhost for 
my house
My dependecies of python
Excuse me, I'm a rookie in mediagoblin

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