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MediaGoblin community meeting this weekend - 4pm Sat Feb 15 UTC-5

From: Ben Sturmfels
Subject: MediaGoblin community meeting this weekend - 4pm Sat Feb 15 UTC-5
Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2020 16:55:02 +1100
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Hi Folks,

Please join us for a MediaGoblin community meeting this weekend!
Everyone is welcome, whether or not you've used or contributed to
MediaGoblin. Details and agenda below. See you there! :)


Time (1 hour):
4pm Sat Feb 15 (USA/New York UTC-5)
9pm Sat Feb 15 (UK/London UTC+0)
8am Sun Feb 16 (Australia/Sydney UTC+11)

The meeting will be held over Mumble audio chat. You'll need the program
Mumble as well as audio headset. Connect to: "", port
"64738", password “goblincamp”, channel "Misc". Please ensure you allow
plenty of time to run Mumble's audio configuration wizard beforehand.

Meeting agenda

 - appreciation for the great work over the last few years
 - a minor release ("we're still here")
 - a forward-looking blog post or two
 - ensuring issue tracker is working smoothly for new contributors
 - urgent/blocking issues if any

 - how is MediaGoblin currently being used? (hear from those using)
 - what is the problem(s) we're trying to solve?
 - what does success look like for MediaGoblin?
 - why have we lost some momentum? how do change that?
 - review and prioritise major future milestones eg.
   - current pain points for people managing/using MediaGoblin
   - docs/migrating the wiki content
   - resolving the Python 3 audioprocessing issues once and for all
   - fixing the test suite
   - improved installation (install instruction CI for multiple
   distros, distribution packaging, Docker, Sandstorm, Guix)
   - federation
   - what goes into a 1.0? maybe not too much required?

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