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My somewhat prioritised list of issues

From: Olivier Mehani
Subject: My somewhat prioritised list of issues
Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2020 22:15:02 +1100

Hi all,

Following the Community Meetup last weekend (which made me realise I wasn't subscribed to this list), here's my prioritised list of things that might need attention in Mediagoblin, for discussion. I might have already opened bug for a couple of them, but certainly not for the majority.

# Mediagoblin wish list

## Important

* Sometimes slow/unresponsive
* high celery CPU usage when idle
* ... + hard to debug/trace
* DB deadlock with SQLite

## Normal

* Rotate media without reencoding
* Navigate through the current tag or collection rather than user-post history, 
    on how the media was reached (maybe using proxy URLs e.g. /t/TAG/m/MEDIA or
    /u/USER/t/TAG/m/MEDIA instead of /u/USER/m/media when accessed through the
    tag page, or /u/USER/collection/COLLECTION/m/MEDIA, when accessed through
    the collection page)
* private mode
* ... + share single media/collection with private, revocable, token
* bulk actions: upload/delete/tag,... from a single page

## Minor

* Play animated gif
* audio/audiolab
* Category sorting
* tag rename
* tag suggestion
* audiolab no longer available on recent Pythons
* keyboard navigation in galleries: left/right for prev/next page
* navigation pager at top of page

## Wishlist

* Crop
* show Geotag + other metadata from video
* More attractive/immersive layout with less whitespace between thumbnails and
    screen walls
* comment edition/deletion
* multi site install, split binary from config
* standard python build + venv
* search by keywords and/or multiple tags

Olivier Mehani <address@hidden>
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