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Re: MediaGoblin upcoming 0.11.0 minor release - Python 3-only, audio spe

From: Fernando Gutierrez
Subject: Re: MediaGoblin upcoming 0.11.0 minor release - Python 3-only, audio spectrograms return
Date: Tue, 9 Mar 2021 21:21:53 -0600

Hi all!

Thanks Ben for your work on mediagoblin, I'm happy to see a new minor version is coming soon.


On Wed, Mar 3, 2021 at 6:10 AM Ben Sturmfels <> wrote:
Hi there!

Been a big year, hasn't it? Hope the COVID-19 situation is improving
where you all are.

MediaGoblin has unfortunately been on the back-burner for me for the
last 10 months or so but this week I've made some time to start
preparing the 0.11.0 minor release.

The main change in this version will be removing Python 2 support. I
know, I know, not exactly a headline feature, but it's an important step
that *significantly* simplifies the maintenance of the project.

As a bonus, Fernando Gutierrez has also contributed a completely rewritten
replacement for the previous Python 2-only audio spectrograms. It's a
significant piece of work - thanks Fernando!

If you have a moment to test the master branch and provide feedback,
please do. My intention is to release some time in the next two weeks.


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