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#5608 (Images marked "failed" at restart)

From: Fernando Gutierrez
Subject: #5608 (Images marked "failed" at restart)
Date: Tue, 9 Mar 2021 21:36:06 -0600

Hi all

I'm wondering if anyone else have seen this issue: #5608

The problem is that images upload and process correctly but after mediagoblin service is restarted they are marked as 'failed',

A few months ago I started debugging but I've been busy and did not make much progress. There is a workaround described in the link but I think that a proper fix should be implemented.

I think not many people have gotten this bug so maybe it is something specific to my environment.

What version of RabbitMQ is tested against?, I'm using 3.8.2

Also I'm not familiar how python dependencies are resolved, maybe the versions of celery and kombu play some role in the bug.


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