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m3u support for Mediagoblin

From: Ben Sturmfels
Subject: m3u support for Mediagoblin
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2021 15:02:52 +1100
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[Forwarding Arne's message on the Guix bugtracker on to MediaGoblin devel.]

On Mon, 22 Mar 2021, Dr. Arne Babenhauserheide wrote:

> Ben Sturmfels via Bug reports for GNU Guix <> writes:
>> On Fri, 19 Mar 2021, jgart wrote:
>>> This sounds like a great project. I would love MediaGoblin to be in Guix 
>>> also.
>>>> 6. Rewrite MediaGoblin's JavaScript code not to use jQuery. Maybe
>>>> improve the no-bundled-JavaScript video/audio playing experience.
>>> What are your thoughts on rewriting the jquery? 
>>> Should MediaGoblin be using vanilla javascript instead?
>>> Some other possibilities could be purescript ( or
>>> mint (, although mint and crystal are not in guix yet 
>>> and
>>> mint uses preact ( as its' runtime since 0.8.0
>>> (
>> Many of the functions we used to use jQuery for are now built into most
>> browsers from the last 10 years.
>> By far the most common are element selectors like:
>>   var panel = $('#header-panel')
>>   var arrow = $('.arrow')
>> which we just change to:
>>   var panel = document.querySelector('#header-panel')
>>   var arrow = document.querySelector('.arrow')
>> This is all vanilla JavaScript in individual files imported via <script>
>> without any sort of compilation process. This seems to be the simplest
>> path to get into distributions like Guix and Debian. The main problem
>> with purescript and others is that they require more dependencies, build
>> steps and tooling and are known by less people.
>> We have a few dependencies which will be harder to deal with such as the
>> video, audio and 3D model viewers. In the first instance, I think the
>> answer will be to do without this JavaScript entirely. That should be
>> feasible for video and audio given modern browser support. Perhaps we
>> don't ship 3D model support out of the box in distros for now.
> If you need support for m3u-playlists, you can use the player I wrote
> here:
> (save as utf-8)
> (that m3u-playlists aren’t supported out of the box in most players is a
> strange oversight, the code adds it for video- and audio-tags, License:
> GPLv2 or later — just ask me if you need something else)
> There’s also an enhanced version for Freenet, but that has lots of
> performance-changes to work over high-latency networks and with paranoid
> CSP-settings:
> Best wishes,
> Arne

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