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Re: Remove thingiview.

From: jgart
Subject: Re: Remove thingiview.
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2021 07:14:57 +0000

Hi Ben,

Thanks for the reply.

> Guix is only one of deployment option for MediaGoblin. These JS files
> are used if you deploy according to our deployment guide, so removing
> them would unnecessarily remove features for non-Guix users.

Thank you for clarifying that :)

> Yes, I think that's the approach we'll need to use for jquery and
> videojs. We may be able to reduce our dependence on videojs in the
> future - browser support has improved significantly over the years.

Sounds good to me!


April 23, 2021 2:19 AM, "Ben Sturmfels" <> wrote:

> Hi jgart,
>>> Thanks for the patch! I'm sorry that I've given you the wrong impression
>>> here - the aim is not literally to delete thingiview and leaflet, but
>>> rather just not to include them in the Guix packaging.
>> What are your thoughts for not including that javascript in the guix package?
>> Here's are small list to clarify/elaborate my thinking on it:
>> 1. I'm not sure if guix upstream would accept a service that has
>> unused javascript files being referenced in its master branch. It
>> might be good to ask about that just to make sure.
>> 2. Guix upstream is hoping we present them with less javascript files
>> that get installed to /gnu/store
> I think we should remove any unused bundled JavaScript during the guix
> build. I'm working on some updates to the Guix channel to do this.
>> 3. If the javascript files are unused why would we want to keep them
>> in the master branch that is presented to guix upstream instead of
>> just archiving them in a branch or tag for perusal? It would be easier
>> to remove them from master and put them in another branch or tag.
>> Otherwise, we'll have to delete those unused bundled javascript files
>> programatically with guile in the guix package that runs in
>> production. This will increase the amount of code that we have to
>> write in the guix package.
>> 4. We could always view the archived javascript files by visiting a
>> previous commit or perusing them in a separate branch or tag.

>>> The challenge will be figuring out how best to add jquery,
>>> video.js and videojs-resolution-switcher to the Guix package when they
>>> normally come from NPM.
>> We would add the unminified but concatenated jquery and videojs
>> sources as assets in the same way that cuirass does.
>> If we could not depend on videojs in the future that would be great
>> for reducing the size. Videojs has alot of direct dependencies to
>> manage compared to jquery. See the issue opened here:

> Regards,
> Ben

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