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Fwd: How to apply a patch

From: Theuns Heydenrych
Subject: Fwd: How to apply a patch
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 2020 19:00:42 +0200

Thank you for the advice.
I execute tools/patch-tool-mxe init libzmq-malt.mk from the mxe directory, then it fails, with output below
make: Entering directory '/mxe'
mxe.patch.mk:111: recipe for target '/mxe/usr/installed/patch/init-git-libzmq-malt.mk' failed
make: *** [/mxe/usr/installed/patch/init-git-libzmq-malt.mk] Error 2
make: Leaving directory '/mxe'

I added SHELL='sh-x' to the patch-tool-mxe to get some output for debugging to see what is failing.
Below is the last part of a lengthy output, where it shows that time is not found.
When executing time in the terminal I get valid output.
Any ideas on how to fix this, or what could be wrong?

+ echo [init-git-libzmq-malt.mk]
+ [ -d /mxe/log/patch ]
+ time make -f Makefile _init-git-libzmq-malt.mk
sh: 1: time: not found
+ mkdir -p /mxe/usr/installed/patch/
+ touch /mxe/usr/installed/patch/init-git-libzmq-malt.mk
rm /mxe/usr/installed/patch/init-git-libzmq-malt.mk
make: Leaving directory '/mxe'


On Thu, Oct 15, 2020 at 12:31 PM Gregorio Litenstein <g.litenstein@gmail.com> wrote:
While doing this is possible (and seems like the natural way), you'll have a much easier time using the tools provides already with mxe. This is, run tools/patch_tool_mxe (and or something like that)

The syntax is patch_tool_mxe init|import|import-all (I think)|export

First you do init and then import or import all

What this does is create a git repo for the package with the head at the current  patching state. You should then make your changes to that git repo, commit and run export when you're done, which will generate the patch for you in th appropriate format. 

Gregorio Litenstein Goldzweig glit_qr_4.png
Médico Cirujano
On 15 Oct 2020 6:03 -0300, Theuns Heydenrych <theunsheydenrych@gmail.com>, wrote:
I am trying to apply a patch to a package but does not look like is it applied.
Attached is my package files with the patch.
The patch file was generated with the following command.
diff -u msg.cpp msg.cpp.edit > libzmq-malt-1-fixes.patch
Where am I going wrong?


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