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Please help on some questions.

From: alinsoar
Subject: Please help on some questions.
Date: Wed, 05 Feb 2020 07:31:56 +0000


I try to understand how mit-scheme implements some concepts of computation and 
I would like to ask you a few questions.

How can I detect the very place in the sources where it is defined a function 
that I call from lisp level ?

For example, where can I find the function `read` or `eval` ?  In the case of 
`eval` I cannot find the very connection between lisp-level and the function 
`Interpret`.  How is the flow of data in case of eval in REPL ?

Other issue that I see in the sources of mit-scheme is that the functions that 
are defined with the macro `DEFINE_PRIMITIVE` never call other functions that 
are defined with the same macro.  Is that true?  Do they only do atomic 
operations and come back at the next continuation defined by lisp-expression 
that is being evaluated ?

Other question, where is the data structure that keeps the symbolic expression 
that is returned by `read` and needs to be evaluated ?  Is it first of all 
transformed in CPS before to enter the interpreter ?

Other question, where is the loop that bounces the interpreter, as I see that 
the C code is written in continuation passing style using trampolines, I cannot 
find the forever-loop that calls the next continuation.

I still have questions, but for now I would appreciate help for these ones.

Thanks in advance,

A Soare.

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