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FFI Idea

From: Scheming Pony
Subject: FFI Idea
Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2020 04:20:53 +0000

In S7 Scheme, you can define C code by embedding it in Scheme:

(c-define '((in-C "static char *read_dir(DIR *p)  \
                   {                              \
                     struct dirent *dirp;         \
                     dirp = readdir(p);           \
                     if (!dirp) return(NULL);     \
                     return(dirp->d_name);        \
            (char* read_dir (DIR*)))

this defines Scheme callable function.

There are similar capabilities on other Scheme (Chicken) and Lisp (ECL) 
implementations which generate C code.

I seem to remember MIT/Scheme being able to generate portable C code.  Would 
restricting use of MIT/Scheme to this mode facilitate techniques like the above 
for FFI in MIT/Scheme?  I know very little about Scheme/Lisp FFI internals, but 
I thought someone here might know.  I want to wrap a fairly large C++ library 
using code generation, and having this would help.

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