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Re: Scheme Coprocessor (Deuxieme partie)

From: Scheming Pony
Subject: Re: Scheme Coprocessor (Deuxieme partie)
Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2020 23:21:42 +0000


> getting a bare-bones interpreter running shouldn't be insanely hard.

Well at least "not insanely hard" is some forward progress.

Thank you for your detailed and highly useful reply.  I have read many of these papers, SICP itself is a good thing to revisit too.  My ultimate plan (dramatic reveal) is to visualize physics with SCMUTILS and investigate R-functions in 3D, then on to FGM and propagators.  The hybrid CPU/GPU/VPU/LispMachine I and the Libre hardware team is envisioning will have to have some custom op codes for graphics output.  I'm working on porting the shader language to Scheme (forwarded from the Libre RISC-V mailing list):


It uses a modern shader language called Varjo (Lisp), which compiles to some antique C thing called GLSL. Which is then compiled to IR. Why? Why can't we just walk Varjo, an AST already, ("Backwards, I think") to generate the custom op codes we need? CEPL ported to MIT/Scheme would give a cool graphics monitor I think, for the dev board. The MIT/Scheme dev list has given me a wall of papers to read (which I already have, mostly) I guess in payback for sending them a wall of my project links.

-- sjm

> ~jrm

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