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Unable to create a simple HTTP server

From: Sam Lee
Subject: Unable to create a simple HTTP server
Date: Sat, 28 May 2022 14:45:51 +0000

I have tried to create a simple HTTP server in MIT Scheme 11.2:

(let* ((socket (open-tcp-server-socket 8000))
       (port (tcp-server-connection-accept socket #t #f))
       (request (read-http-request port))
       (response (make-simple-http-response "Hello!")))
  (write-http-response response port))

When I run the code and access localhost:8000 from my web browser, MIT
Scheme will fail with this error:

;The object #[textual-i/o-port 12 for channel: #[channel 13]], passed as an 
argument to #[compiled-procedure 14 ("binary-port" #x2) #x1c #x13fd6f4], is not 
the correct type.

I tried to replace the "tcp-server-connection-accept" procedure with
"tcp-server-binary-connection-accept" but that did not work because MIT
Scheme then fails with this error:

;The object 3, passed as the second argument to vector-ref, is not in the 
correct range.

Is there a bug in MIT Scheme, or is there something wrong with my code?
How do I write a simple example of a HTTP server in MIT Scheme?

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