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Re: monit in cygwin

From: Jan-Henrik Haukeland
Subject: Re: monit in cygwin
Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2006 23:16:22 +0200

On 28. jun. 2006, at 22.33, Mike wrote:

My limited, uninformed testing shows that monit will run, monit
will start and stop programs, monit accepts './monit -c monit.test quit'
type commands including stopping and starting services.


I know there is a way to link statically a program so that it does not require
cygwin and should be executable outside of cygwin and bash.

Cygwin is posix or try to be afaik so maybe it is not so strange that monit runs on it, although impressing. But outside, that is another story. File-paths in the monit control file will probably be the least of the problems. Anyway it is going to be interesting to learn what you can make out of it.

I need the win32 capability for my next job. I don't need ICMP in the
win32 platform for the next job, so I will not miss it there. I do
need the 'check status'. I've started working on that code already.

I also have an idea for deployment and synchronization that I'll do
after 'check status'.

I've copied the developer list on this message. For the developer list, what is the prefered method of creating a patch for someone else to test?

Do a cvs urN diff against monit's public CVS HEAD. See also https://


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