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Re: Bug or feature ?

From: Jani Mikkonen
Subject: Re: Bug or feature ?
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 2002 22:14:47 +0300

> As you can see from the log, the start program is executed but fails,
> which you can see from the second last line "Could not execute
> /path/game/kill". You should check out the /path/game/kill program and
> investigate why it fails to stop the server. The FAQ has a solution
> for debugging with strace.

> > [EEST Sep 23 13:05:01] Stop: (game) /path/game/kill
> > [EEST Sep 23 13:05:06] Sendmail: error receiving data from the
mailserver '' -- Resource temporarily unavailable
> > [EEST Sep 23 13:05:06] Could not execute /path/game/kill

I interpreted this in  a way that running kill script is part of the stop
process with alert and since alert fails, stop script wont be executed
either. Because it seems that this not a single problem but when this
happens, mail alert also fails.. What lead me to this is that kill script
actually works most of the time.

Ill going to do some stracing next (this week) to see what really happens..

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