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RE: toggle feature

From: rory
Subject: RE: toggle feature
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2002 21:28:26 -0700 (PDT)

>> Any objections to making this consistent, and having the flag set no
>> matter what the state of the process?
> Absolutely not :) Just skip the if process is running test.
>> I also have another question. It would be probably useful if monitor.h
>> had comments to say which functions belonged to which files. However,
>> does doxygen or some other automated tool do this?
> Only indirectly. I sort of like the idea that monitor.h has the
> interface (prototype) for most functions, since this header file should
> be included in most of the source files. On the other hand it's as you
> say not clear what source file the prototypes are for. Maybe for most
> of the source files we should create a corresponding interface (header
> file), like we have done with net.h and several others. At least good
> candidates for getting their own header files are control.c, files.c
> and util.c.

Actually, something simple minded in monitor.h like the below may be
just fine

/* util.c */
void foo(int)
/* validate.c */
void validate()
/* etc... */

> Jan-Henrik
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