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Re: [Proposal] switching user and group id

From: Jani Mikkonen
Subject: Re: [Proposal] switching user and group id
Date: 10 Apr 2003 16:00:49 +0300

> What do you think?

But, ill give you something to think. Reason why that wrapper was first
made was that we supply stuff in jar files and java its not exactly
enough to point java jvm all the paths where jar files are but classpath
has to include jar files also (as you might know). To make things more
flexiable for use, wrapper file crawls thru all class *paths* and adds
all the jar files from there to the classpath too. This avoids modifying
start scripts and makes deployment of new stuff easier (Copy, restart
and forget approach)

This said, i still think that your suggestion is worth of trouble even
if not exactly i need right now.

Jani Mikkonen <jani dot mikkonen at jippiigroup dot com>
Public key available from - ProPrivacy!

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