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Re: Misc monit questions

From: Jani Mikkonen
Subject: Re: Misc monit questions
Date: 07 May 2003 11:07:42 +0300

> It is normal if monit is runned with httpd support (monit threads).

Depends on the kernel. Afaik Redhat 9 comes with new threading code
(which was been backported to 2.4 series from current devel tree (and
afaik, was originally even done by alan and ingo). This is actually nice
thing for those who run java on linux as each thread doesnt clutter
process list but show up as one process as they should..

> I think it could be possible to allow specification of monit control 
> file in the compile time. What the other developers think?

Not monit devel but this is really something that could and should be
set-able at configure/compile time.

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