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Re: README v1.5 - darwin build note (ac diff incl.)

From: Rick Robino
Subject: Re: README v1.5 - darwin build note (ac diff incl.)
Date: Fri, 23 May 2003 19:42:42 -0700


On Friday, May 23, 2003, at 07:05  AM, Jan-Henrik Haukeland wrote:

Rick Robino <address@hidden> writes:

I happened to be peeking about the CVS repository for monit to see
what is cooking for v4 and read that the Mac OS X port was giving you
problems on the compile farm.  Since your code is so beautiful
I just knew it would compile with only a little autoconf push ;-)

Thank you, since last time we spoke monit has matured and become a
collective effort with many clever folks contributing "beautiful code" :)

I've been watching - very nice. Excellent work you guys. monit has probably caught at least one dead server somewhere for me (it's on about 10 in various colo's) a week, conservatively. It's just the neatest monitoring software candy since init+inittab/nocol/hsrp/etc.

About the laptop, it is highly likely that you will enjoy the real powerbooks. I say that as one whose favorite unix is still Solaris, although I seem to be running alot of OpenBSD now and no Mac OS (in production), but got started at my first ISP with Linux a long time before '99, after the old ugly crap at college. My only real complaint is the price, but I was able to pick up a last-year's model at a pretty decent price from a friend and I'm happy. Nice piece of engineering.

Thank you also very much for the interessting Mac OS X discussion. (If
I ever get hold on some extra money the next laptop I'll buy will be a
Apple with OS X). One thing worries me though:

Upon running the finished product the runtime linker (?) does give a

$ ./monit -c ~/.monitrc -d 60
*** malloc[3867]: Deallocation of a pointer not malloced: 0x2359a4;
*** This could be a double free(), or free() called with the middle of
*** an allocated block; Try setting environment variable MallocHelp to
*** see tools to help debug

Ooops! and this may not be a specific OS X problem but in fact the
same problem which generate SIGSEGV reported lately on this mailing
list by Igor. I would really appreciate if you where able to find out
more about this particular error/warning.

I see... been following the thread but didn't put it together.

I haven't looked any farther into this warning, other than testing out
the running daemon - seems to work well with my fairly complex config.
Service restarts work, monit takes signals and does not die, for the
short time I ran the daemon I did not see it grow stack size in
top(1). So... unless there really is a free() bug or the duplicate
symbol truly does pose a problem, I'd say that monit does compile and
work fine on OS X.  Very tiny diff attached.

I think you forgot to attach the diff to your mail :-) We
would very much like to include this diff in CVS to get monit running
on Mac OS X.

Doh. Attached (all 5 lines or so :). I've got gdb and some other stuff around here, not very familiar with the mac tools and architecture yet myself but I will give it a shot. If there is any thing specific you'd like me to run, just let me know. Note: if someone does use this on a darwin machine you will have to decrement the minor version number for autoconf near the top of - apple's is current 2.52, monit's is 2.53.

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