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Re: Feature request for config file checking?

From: John Barton
Subject: Re: Feature request for config file checking?
Date: Thu, 05 Jun 2003 18:24:17 -0000
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I would also find this feature extremely useful in my server environment..

John Barton

> Jan-Henrik Haukeland said on Thu, Jun 05, 2003 at 03:31:23AM +0200:
>> We had a discussion on the developer list[1] (starting with this mail:
>> and decided to *not* automatically reload the control file in the latest
>> release.
>> Anyway the good news is that monit will reload the monitrc control file
>> upon
>> receiving the SIGHUP signal (this info should be in the documentation).
>> If it
>> is
>> problematic to send a SIGHUP signal to running monit daemons on several
>> machines
>> after you have distributed a new monitrc control file we may and should
>> probably
>> add this functionality to the web-interface as well so you can call a
>> certain
>> URL
>> from a script to update a running monit daemon like with such an URL:
>>  http//IP-ADDRESS:2812/_reload
>> What do you think?
> That's not quite what I had in mind...
> What I would like (and admittedly, this is a pretty niche feature, so it
> may
> not be worth integrating), is for monit to notice changes in the
> configuration
> files of software that monit is monitoring, and reload them if their
> config
> file has changed.  This could, of course, apply to monit itself.
> So, for example:
> monit is watching apache on a cluster of webservers.  I push an update to
> those
> webservers using rsync (so, new configs).  I want monit to notice that the
> config file for the webserver has changed, and to take an action (ie, run
> /etc/init.d/apache reload).
> Perhaps the webserver cluster is a bad example... I'm in an environment
> where I
> have ~100 machines that are running an identical image, and while
> deploying new
> software is easy, deploying config file changes still requires logging
> into
> each machine with a script and reloading/restarting services.  I want the
> machines to do it themselves.
> It seemed like monit was a good choice for this; however, if this isn't
> something that "fits", I will just write a tool to do the same thing.
> M
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