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Debian package of monit 4.0 uploaded to experimental

From: Fredrik Steen
Subject: Debian package of monit 4.0 uploaded to experimental
Date: Thu, 9 Oct 2003 16:37:18 +0200
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I have uploaded a experimental package of monit 4.0 to the experimental
distribution of debian. The package will soon be installed and accessible 
here[1]. If you want to get your hands on the package right away it's in the
incomming[2] directory for a couple of hours more.

Debian package ChangeLog:
   * Patched original source for new location of monitrc 
     (in /etc/monit/monitrc)
   * Added stat line in init.d script making it easier backport of monit
     package to woody. (Closes:#198130)
   * Now compiled with SSL-support (LICENSE now permits linking with OpenSSL)
   * The startup is now denied via /etc/default/monit configuration.

[1]. and


 .''`. Fredrik Steen, address@hidden
: :' : 2CD6 C838 BE77 795F 5EF1  3E5B DA91 EE7B A58E 164
`. `'

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