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Host connection test and alert/exec

From: Andreas Rust
Subject: Host connection test and alert/exec
Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2003 20:06:25 +0200


I am new to the list, but wasn't able to turn up reasonable results on the archives, so I'll try here :)

For monitoring several remote services I created statements similar to the ones mentioned on the
documentation, like:

check HOST
if failed port 21 then exec
"/usr/X11R6/bin/xmessage -display :0 RedHat is down as usual!"

Now, since remote hosts may disappear due to the line being cut or something alike,
I'd like to send my alert on a timeout (hence, on several failed tests),
similar to normal process checking.
Means, that some X connection failures are ok, alert me on X+1.

Since HOST checking only allows alert, restart, stop, exec and unmonitor, I figured
I'd have to use an exec script to simulate this functionality.

Sending the alert/sms/email from the script is not a big deal either, I am just
wondering if someone has done this before or if it is even possible using some
monit statements.


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