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[Announce] monit 4.1-beta1

From: Jan-Henrik Haukeland
Subject: [Announce] monit 4.1-beta1
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2003 22:39:48 +0200
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The monit 4.1-beta1 is available from:


This is a stable beta, and we ask that as many as possible will help
us in testing this beta. We have tested this release on Linux, Solaris
and on FreeBSD.

There are important changes, both bugfixes and new features. Please
see the extract from the change log just below. We have tried to
implement, if not all, most of the requests raised on this mailing

To get a quick overview of some of the new features in this release,
please check out the on-line presentation at (included in the software

You can also view the updated presentation with a flash enabled
Browser from this URL:


And you can browse through the updated manual here (included):


Version 4.1

*  Web and console interface output refactored and simplified.
   Instead of printing out one line for each registered alert event-
   type, one condensed line is used.

*  Support for ICMP echo test added to remote host check

*  Support for generic protocol tests using send/expect added.  It is
   possible to use Posix regex in an expect string if Posix regex is
   supported by the operating system.

*  The number of user credentials is no longer limited to one.

*  Support for htpasswd styled files for user credentials is added.
   Crypt, MD5 and cleartext passwords are supported.

*  From this release on, it is possible to define more than one SMTP
   server monit should use for sending alert messages. If monit cannot
   connect to the first SMTP server it will try the second in the list
   and so on.

*  Added SMTP server connect and read timeout. Monit has a default 5
   seconds timeout and if the SMTP server is slow, monit could timeout
   when connecting or reading from the server. It's is now possible to
   explicit set the timeout to a higher value.

*  Monit can now also test the checksum for files on a remote host via
   the HTTP protocol.

*  Alert limitation implemented; Monit will only raise one alert when
   an error situation occurs and *not* repeatedly send error messages
   for the same problem.  When the error has gone, monit resets and
   will raise a new alert if the error should reoccur. Consider:
     if cpu > 50% then alert
   Monit will now only raise one alert if the cpu usage goes beyond
   50% and, as long as the process uses more than 50% cpu no more
   error alerts are sent. When usage drops below 50% monit will reset
   and again send a new alert if usage should raise above 50% again.
   Previous versions of monit did not have this feature and
   continuously sent alerts as long as the test validated to true.
   This change does not only applies to cpu test but also to memory
   tests, size and space tests and timestamp tests. The bottom line is
   that you will no longer get many duplicate alerts for the same

*  Don't print html tags to the console on shutdown when monit runs in
   init mode (-I).

*  Monit now supports logging via multilog when running via
   daemontools. Thanks to Klaus Alexander Seistrup
   <bugs!> for reporting the problem.

*  Added the resource event type. This type was missing and would lead
   to a parse error if this alert statement was used, 'alert on {
   resource }'

*  Fixed the bug that caused monit not to unmonitor all depending
   services when a unmonitor action was executed. Thanks to Marco
   Bisioli <bisioli!> for providing the bugfix.

*  Added a missing exec action for space and inode tests

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