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Re: A kludged monit/pure-ftpd setup

From: Whit Blauvelt
Subject: Re: A kludged monit/pure-ftpd setup
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2004 21:36:53 -0500
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> Here's another, maybe less drastic, solution that could be used;
> Instead of checking the process, the service is checked instead. That
> is, we check that pure-ftpd answers on the port 21 as it should and if
> not it is started. Notice that the pid-file and process ID is not used
> at all.

Thanks for all the good advice. The reason I need to do the expect script
with pure-ftpd is that it sometimes gets into an error state where pure-ftpd
is still running, pure-authd is still running (which is an optional daemon
to use to pass off ftp authorization to an external script) yet logins are
no longer working. So pure-ftpd answers on port 21 for monit just fine, but
users actually are getting nowhere with it - until it's restarted.

Monit's extensibility through the expect mechanism is perfect here ... at
least so far. 


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