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FYI: m/monit first stab

From: Jan-Henrik Haukeland
Subject: FYI: m/monit first stab
Date: Wed, 04 Feb 2004 08:10:21 +0100
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Here's a first stab at m/monit. This is an intermediate release and
*not* a very useful version _but_ it demonstrate the idea and all
functionality in the [Administration] tab is fully implemented, the
functionality in the [Status] tab should be implemented soon (1 week
max) which will make m/monit a pretty useful application.

To make it clear: m/monit is planned to be part of the monit project
and copyright the monit project, it's an application for administering
many monit instances and it's released under the GNU GPL.

Please download, test it out and give feedback :-)

MD5sum:  45af26544d1ea24cc7f4fd34dcd965a2  mmonit-0.9.tar.gz

The README.mmonit file:

   This is preliminary version of m/monit. This version implements the
   Administration functionality, that is, the ability to register monit
   hosts, as well as users and roles allowed to login to the m/monit
   application. The other functionality are just "dummy" implementation.
   m/monit is based on the zild application server. You can read more
   about zild here:
   Here is a brief HOWTO:
   - To start the application: mmonit/bin/zild -i 
   - Point a browser to: http://localhost:8080/
   - Use the following username/password to login to the application:
     admin/swordfish. NB! You must have cookies enabled in the browser.
   - As mentioned above the functionality under the [Administration] tab
     is ready and implemented. Simply test and add new values.
   - The source code for the servlets are located in
     mmonit/webapps/mmonit/WEB-INF/classes/ together with a Makefile.
   - The database used by the m/monit application is located in
     mmonit/webapps/mmonit/database/mmonit.db. Use the sqlite program to
     access the database directly ( The database schema
     is located at mmonit/webapps/mmonit/database/mmonit.sql.

And finally a screen shoot:

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Jan-Henrik Haukeland

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