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features to work on - summary and request for discussion

From: Martin Pala
Subject: features to work on - summary and request for discussion
Date: Fri, 06 Feb 2004 22:30:16 +0100
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it seems that lot of ideas appeared on the list, which are not mentioned on our TODO list yet. Here is summary (not ordered by any criteria):

(1) /proc support for mac os X

(2) get current FreeBSD port working

(3) web output extension:

(3a) snmp (needed for SNMP support) - example:

(3b) xml (needed for m/monit) - example:

(4) "up" event support - allows bidirectional state transition and related actions. Requested by lot of users, it should be probably part of monit 4.2.

(5) SHA-1 support (in addition to present MD5)

(6) ARP (MAC address) tests in host services

(7) In file services: We should think about how to include extended attributes as they become more important in server systems

(8) In file services: A "if [growing|shrinking]" support as minor logfile protection

(9) In file services: Making use of FAM (file alteration monitor)

(10) In file services: Special treatment of devices/sockets -> whenever connected to a device or not

(11) network failover support - either IP address or MAC address takeover. Probably possible via "Fake" integration (see for example

(12) SCSI ping support for device test - allows to test whether device is accessible. It is common test used by clusters for shared device (disk) based quorums (based on SCSI reservation)

Discussion as well as new ideas, volunteers, code contribution, etc. is highly appreciated :)

For other items which are planned already see


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