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[Announce] monit 4.2-beta

From: Jan-Henrik Haukeland
Subject: [Announce] monit 4.2-beta
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2004 04:10:14 +0100
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The monit 4.2-beta is available:

Download from:
Change log:
Checksum:       b8eea9f6f823b9ad4f0327a8916b2292  monit-4.2-beta.tar.gz

We ask that as many as possible will help us in testing this beta. The
release has been tested on Linux and Solaris.

There are important changes, both bugfixes and new features. Please
see the extract from the change log just below.

                         CHANGES version 4.2

*  Support for httpd server version signature hiding. Syntax:
     signature [enable|disable]
   By default the monit httpd server will show its version in the

*  Support for file inclusion in the control file (monitrc).
     include globstring

*  Services not monitored does not have there status displayed in the
   web interface, but instead a "not monitored" text is shown.

*  monit now prints it's status in text and in xml format via this
   URL: http://localhost:2812/_status?format=xml and

*  Ring move protection added to process tree code. There was a rare loop
   problem detected which can cause monit's crash. Thanks to Allen Shaw
   <publicnet2!hotmail com> for reporting the problem.

*  Parser fixes to prevent possible crash during configuration phase.

*  Fix invalid monitrc's line number reported when the control file
   parser detected semantical problems (i.e. not syntax problems).
   Thanks to Peter Holdaway <pholdaway!technocom-wireless com> for
   reporting the problem.

*  Also fixed a problem with locked mutex across a fork on Solaris
   (and probably other OS other than Linux v. 2.4 with a "real" thread
   implementation). The problem manifested itself (infrequently) by
   monit not beeing able to start a requested program and the forked
   monit process hanging on a mutex. Thanks to Peter Holdaway
   <pholdaway!technocom-wireless com> for discovering the problem and
   for providing a patch that fixed the problem.

*  The logger is now made thread-safe with a mutex. There existed a
   possibility for two or more threads to write to the log file at the
   same time.

*  Service names in the .monitrc control file is not allowed to start
   with a slash '/', because such service names cannot be viewed
   properly in the monit web interface.

*  Re-added close-on-exec for sockets created by monit, so sockets
   will not be kept open in processes started by monit. This
   functionality was left out by a

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