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Only one restart?

From: Alexander Schinner
Subject: Only one restart?
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2004 10:25:47 +0100
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I am quiete new to monit and now I have a problem, which I can't solve. I have 
read the manual, the FAQ but can't see the solution. SI here is my problem:

stunnel is forwarding access to localhost:81 to an https server. Now, for some 
reason it can be that the configuration file is not valid (that's okay, too) 
and stunnel will not start. So far, so good.

Now, my configuration:

check process stunnel4
        with pidfile "/var/run/"
        start program = "/etc/init.d/stunnel4 start"
        stop  program = "/etc/init.d/stunnel4 stop"
        if failed host port 81 protocol HTTP then restart
        alert address@hidden

Case 1:

Monit can't connect to Port 81anymore , restarts stunnel, stunnels starts up, 
everything is okay. Perfect....

Case 2:

Monit can't connect to Port 81 anymore, restarts stunnel, stunnels starts but 
does not allow an connect to Port 81. Now monit does NOT try to connect 
again.... ? Why?

Syslog said:

Feb 24 09:29:10 devel11 monit[21589]: Event: 'stunnel4' failed, cannot open a 
connection to INET[]
Feb 24 09:29:10 devel11 monit[21589]: Trying to restart 'stunnel4'
Feb 24 09:29:10 devel11 monit[21589]: stop: (stunnel4) /etc/init.d/stunnel4
Feb 24 09:29:11 devel11 monit[21589]: start: (stunnel4) /etc/init.d/stunnel4

Does monit performs only 1 restart, if a test fails and will wait until the 
test succeeds? 


Dr. Alexander Schinner   
GeNUA mbH - 85551 Kirchheim       Tel.: +49 (89) 991950-0 

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