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Re: Only one restart?

From: Alexander Schinner
Subject: Re: Only one restart?
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2004 17:09:33 +0100
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On Wednesday 25 February 2004 11:50, Andreas Rust wrote:
> <offtopic>
> Hello,
> I am just curious on this ...
> > > stunnel is forwarding access to localhost:81 to an https server. Now,
> > > for some
> > > reason it can be that the configuration file is not valid (that's okay,
> > > too)
> > > and stunnel will not start. So far, so good.
> Why exactly is a http/https request passed to localhost:81 using stunnel
> ??? Are there any advantages, or what is that used for ?

Well, hard to explain:-). In principle this connection on port 81 is used 
mainly for debugging/dirty tricks purpose. The mainreason is the use of 
client certificates and clients not aware of certificates.  But the stunnel 
is also needed for other connections to remote https servers.  


Dr. Alexander Schinner   
GeNUA mbH - 85551 Kirchheim       Tel.: +49 (89) 991950-0 

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