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Re: monit's permission checks...

From: Martin Pala
Subject: Re: monit's permission checks...
Date: Fri, 02 Jul 2004 19:43:14 +0200
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i have tested it on 4.3.1-beta1 - it doesn't work here (failed state is displayed by green font). It is my fault - i forgot to update the failed state flag of uid, gid and permission during event engine refactoring, thus the presentation in monit http have not highlighted the failed value.

This is fixed now, i will sync it to cvs as soon as savannah will be available (it seems that it is down now). It will be part of next 4.3.1 beta.


Andreas Rust wrote:
At 00:50 02.07.2004, you wrote:

On Jun 30, 2004, at 6:52 PM, Andreas Rust wrote:

... for some reason I didn't find out yet, the permission for that file is sometimes changing to 640 instead of 600. Monit nicely warns me and I reset it to 600. However, it appears to me that using either "monit reload" or the web-interface button "enable monitoring" does not work out here correctly.

It has shown me several times an output stating "Permission
{red}600{/red}" and didn't seem
to understand that 600 is just fine.

Hmm, it will take one poll-cycle before the HTTP interface is update. If it's still <font color=red> after one poll cycle, it's a bug. Can you verify this?

Well, it sending me an email saying something like: permission check failed - current permission 600 ...

... which, as said is just perfectly fine ...

Will try the 4.3.1 soon next week and do some permission testing then ...


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